Supportive Housing


Supportive Housing/Residential Intensive Support Team (RIST):

At MHAMC we provide a model Supportive Housing/RIST program for people being discharged from state psychiatric hospitals, and those who are at high risk for long term hospital care. This program is similar to ICMS, but is distinguished by providing a higher level of care. In other words, consumers are often seen daily in their homes. Also, the program is not time limited, as is ICMS.

These programs use a “Housing First” approach in which staff members help clients find apartments in neighborhoods of their choice within Morris County. Once an individual has moved into his or her apartment, staff provides support, at times daily, to assist them in achieving personal goals and independence.  Services include linking to community resources, helping clients stay medication compliant, assistance with transportation, and linkage to social support resources.

In 2016, RIST and SOS, Supportive Housing, served 138 clients with intensive needs. Of these clients:

  • 100% of all consumers accepted into Supportive Housing/RIST program post-hospital discharged stayed in the community for 12 months post-discharge with no further psychiatric emergency service usage.
  • 95% of all consumers accepted into Supportive Housing/RIST program and currently enrolled in Supportive Housing maintained their housing for the next 12 months.
  • Upon completion of the program, 100% of discharged consumers had been linked to all needed services as determined by their active service plan.
  • 90% of Supportive Housing/RIST program clients surveyed in 2016 reported that they rated their coach as supportive in giving emotional support.
  • 95% of Supportive Housing/RIST clients surveyed in 2016 rated the team as helpful in connecting them to programs and activities in the community.

In 2017, we will be changing the name of the program to Community Support Services (CSS).