Integrated Case Management

Who We Serve:

  • All Morris County residents discharged from state psychiatric hospitals (except those discharged to the Program of Assertive Community Treatment at Saint Clare’s Behavioral Health Center, Denville).
  • Adults with serious and persistent mental illness who experience repeated admissions to any short-term care facility.
  • Adults with serious and persistent mental illness who experience repeated admissions to local inpatient units within a 12-month period or two or more uses of Psychiatric Emergency Service (PES) within a 30-day period.
  • Adults with serious and persistent mental illness in the community whose ability and willingness to benefit from community services and support is limited and whose welfare in the community is threatened because of it.

What We Hope To Accomplish:
The purpose of Integrated Case Management Services is to assist adults with serious and persistent mental illness to better manage their illness, increase their mastery of life skills, and improve their sense of well being. This is achieved through personalized, collaborative, and flexible outreach. This outreach is designed to engage, support, and integrate people with mental illnesses into the communities of their choice by facilitating their use of available resources.

What We Provide:
ICMS provides the full range of case management services including assessment, service planning, service linkage, psycho-education and support, advocacy, crisis intervention assistance, direct assistance in obtaining the basic necessities of daily living and in performing daily living tasks, symptom management, and substance abuse education and intervention.

How Services Are Delivered:
Delivery of ICMS in Morris County is through two teams of Case Managers serving the northern and southern regions of the county.

North Team
Assistant Director ~ Craig Monteleone

South Team
Assistant Director ~ Deanna Ackerman

Case managers from the Mental Health Association of Morris County work as partners with staff from the three community mental health centers on each of these two teams.

How to Make a Referral:
Referrals can be made by contacting either Assistant Director of ICMS, at 973-334-3496, ext. 410 & 411, respectively.

Program Contact: Jennifer Malec, LCSW, Clinical Director
Phone: 973-334-3496 Ext. 418
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Integrated Case Management Services (ICMS):

In 2016, our ICMS program continued to help Morris County residents to transition from the sheltered environment of the state psychiatric hospital to independent living in the community. When people are discharged from state psychiatric hospitals into Morris County, ICMS staff is assigned to make sure consumers are given support and connected to resources that will create a successful transition into the community.

In 2016, ICMS served 494 individuals. Of these individuals:

  • 90% of all consumers discharged from a state psychiatric hospital remained in the community for 12 months post-discharge with no further hospitalizations or psychiatric emergency service usage.  
  • 100% of all consumers enrolled as psychiatric hospital discharges had a steady source of income either through government financial entitlements or gainful employment at the time of discharge from the program.
  • 84% of all consumers enrolled as psychiatric hospital discharges remained linked to additional outpatient and/or day program-centered treatment through their enrollment and kept those linkages post-discharge.  
  • 89% of ICMS clients surveyed reported that ICMS was above average-excellent in keeping them out of the psychiatric hospital.  
  • 55% of ICMS clients reported some satisfaction with their lives prior to their ICMS involvement. 89% of clients reported satisfaction with their lives after ICMS involvement.