Forensic Case Management

Forensic Case Management staff work with mental health and social services staff in the Morris County Correctional Facility (MCCF) to assist with discharge planning. Staff also works with clients on probation and the courts to ensure the consumer’s participation with court mandates.

The goal of Forensic Case Management services is to:

  • Reduce re-incarceration
  • Prevent individuals with mental illnesses and with co-occurring disorders from becoming incarcerated
  • Assist enrolled clients to connect to services that help them achieve their wellness and recovery goals

Often people with mental illness are put in jail for minor offenses which could have been avoided if their mental illness had been treated. The Forensic Case Management Service program works with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office to divert people from the criminal justice system into the mental health system.

Who We Serve:

  • Adult residents of Morris County who are pending discharge from the Morris County Correctional Facility and who have a serious mental illness or a co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorde.
  • Morris County residents who are hospitalized at Ann Klein Forensic Center and who are expected to be transferred back to the Morris County Correctional Facility after stabilizatio.
  • Mental health consumers who are not incarcerated, but who are at risk for incarceration due to criminal involvement or who have been incarcerated in the past. These referrals can come from county psychiatric inpatient units as well as community agencie.
  • Referrals can also come from Saint Clare’s Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) when a client is brought in by police and is on a detainer while awaiting transport to the Morris County Correctional Facility.

Forensic Case Management

People with mental illness who become involved in the criminal justice system are much less likely to re-offend if they receive appropriate mental health services in the jail and upon discharge. Our three forensic case managers make sure people with mental illness are redirected from jail to treatment when appropriate, that they receive appropriate care in the jail and upon discharge, and that they make a successful transition into the community by linking them to other necessary resources and services.

In 2016, the Mental Health Association of Morris County provided intensive Forensic Case Management Services to 34 persons with mental illness who were involved in the criminal justice system. Of these individuals:

  • 100% of consumers enrolled had a detailed written discharge plan prior to discharge from the Morris County Jail.
  • 100% of enrolled clients remained in the community for at least 6 months following release from jail.
  • 100% of enrolled clients were linked to all needed services upon discharge from the program.